Superior Life Services was established to provide the community with safety education and training for the treatment of cardiac events, stroke and workplace injuries.

Our goal is to introduce exceptional products to our customers working in the medical arena and public forum. We ensure that our customers and clients purchase the best and most reliable products and equipment available on the market through careful product selection.

We benefit our customers by remaining current with the latest technologies, equipment and procedures available. We strive to provide the best customer support.

Our company focuses on providing knowledge and skills that are in compliance with the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA). We guarantee the highest level of customer service through onsite consultation, quality instruction and training.

Our customers include but are not limited to medical offices, dental offices, fitness centers, extended care facilities, small business venues, corporations, educational institutions and the community.

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Superior Life Services
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The new CPR and First Aid 2010 Guidelines have been released. The empahsis is now placed on doing compressions first and pushing hard and fast.  Science has shown that performing CPR in this way will lead to more successful outcomes.

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